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Drive your FinTech Business Success: With Forcast Customized Training

#1 Learn to Apply Theory in real-world FinTech scenarios

Forcast bridges the gap between theory and real-world application in FinTech. We enable employees to apply their knowledge and skills to authentic FinTech scenarios, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the training. This enhances their ability to make impactful contributions to their organizations.

#2 Explore Innovative Solutions with FinTech Simulations

Our training stirs the creativity of employees by immersing them in FinTech simulations. We enable employees to explore and experiment with diverse solutions in a risk-free environment. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and problem-solving, driving forward innovative approaches to FinTech challenges.

#3 Compel Critical Thinking with Socratic Questioning

Our training ignites critical thinking skills through the power of Socratic questioning. Employees are encouraged to engage in thought-provoking discussions, fostering a culture of curiosity and inquiry. They develop their ability to ask insightful questions and contribute meaningfully during meetings with stakeholders, supported by real-world business case studies.

#4 Master FinTech Best Practices through Case Studies

We empower employees to master FinTech best practices through engaging case studies. Our industry experts carefully curate these business case studies from leading FinTech companies and high-growth startups to provide practical insights and strategies that drive success in the industry.

#5 Practice interpreting FinTech Big Messy Datasets

Forcast enables employees to deeply understand the FinTech landscape through the immersive practice of deciphering the true meaning and relevance of each column and feature within the big, messy FinTech datasets. Employees learn to effectively utilize them and get the possibility of creating innovative new features that align with the evolving needs of the sector.

#6 Create business impact, moving beyond model optimization

Our customized corporate training enables employees to focus on business impact, rather than just optimizing a model. We empower employees to create this shift in their mindset through immersive FinTech case studies, allowing them to make a tangible difference in the industry.

#7 Become versed by learning FinTech metrics and terminology

Our industry experts help employees expand their knowledge of critical metrics and industry-specific terminology. Employees receive the opportunity to transform themselves into more informed Data Scientists and ML engineers who command the FinTech landscape with confidence and expertise.

#8 Gain expertise in effective communication and data storytelling

Forcast equips employees with the skills to communicate effectively and captivate audiences through compelling data narratives. Our customized training empowers them to deliver impactful presentations, embrace feedback, and excel in the art of persuasive storytelling, including cold calls.

Benefits of Customized Corporate Training over Generic Training

Ensure Time and Cost Efficiency

The personalized nature of the customized training content and delivery ensures cost and time efficiency. The training directly addresses the needs of the FinTech industry, reducing the time spent on adapting generic knowledge to FinTech applications.

Build New Revenue Streams

Customized training in data science enables employees to identify untapped market opportunities and develop innovative financial products or services. By leveraging data-driven insights and predictive analytics, FinTech companies can explore new revenue streams and diversify their offerings.

Align training outcomes with FinTech-specific goals

Customized Training aims to equip employees with industry-specific skills, knowledge, and practical experience to address the unique challenges of the FinTech industry effectively. It aligns training outcomes with FinTech-specific goals and requirements.

Secure Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning

Customized training helps FinTech companies build a workforce with a competitive edge in data science. This positions them as industry leaders, attracting more clients, investors, and partnerships, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Establish Industry Connections

Customized Training offers networking opportunities with other FinTech professionals attending the training, facilitating knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the establishment of industry connections.

Keep up with Industry Updates and Trends

Customized training addresses the latest trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes within the FinTech industry. Employees stay updated with industry-specific advancements.

Navigate Challenges: Customized Training Solutions for FinTech Problem Statements

Fraud Detection

Problem defining: what is fraud for my product?

Learn the intricacies of fraud within the specific context of your product to identify and mitigate potential risks effectively.

Experiment management and re-training pipelines

Manage experiments, track model performance, and implement re-training pipelines to adapt to evolving fraud patterns.

Explainable AI

Understand and Interpret the decisions made by fraud detection models with explainable AI techniques.

Measurement and feedback loops

Develop accurate measurement techniques for fraud occurrences and establish feedback loops for continuous improvement.

Modeling and hyper-parameter tuning

Gain expertise in machine learning and hyper-parameter tuning to implement effective fraud detection models.

Data extraction and processing pipelines

Extract relevant data, establish secure data pipelines, and leverage advanced analytics to identify patterns indicative of fraudulent activities.

Deployment strategies and architectures

Learn best practices for deploying fraud detection models in real-world environments while maintaining high-security standards.

Algorithmic Trading

Fundamentals of financial markets

Learn the market structure, trading mechanisms, and key players to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

Backtesting and Monte-Carlo Simulations

Gain backtesting expertise to improve trading strategies and assess model robustness with Monte-Carlo simulations across diverse market conditions.

Sentiment analysis and NLP indicators

Apply sentiment analysis and NLP techniques to extract valuable insights from news articles, social media data, and other textual sources to inform their trading strategies.

Hypothesis testing

Understand formulating hypotheses, conducting statistical tests, and interpreting the results to make informed trading decisions.

Financial Instruments and Assets

Analyze financial instruments and assets, such as equities, bonds, derivatives, and commodities, to identify suitable trading strategies based on market conditions and risk appetite.

Forecasting stock price and predicting stock direction

Gain expertise in techniques and models used to forecast stock prices and predict stock direction for making data-driven trading decisions.

AI-assisted personal banking

Risk mitigation and diversification

Gain expertise in using AI-driven risk assessment models that identify potential risks and suggest appropriate mitigation strategies to safeguard clients' investments.

Investment recommendations

Generate accurate and data-backed investment recommendations and identify promising investment opportunities that align with clients' financial objectives.

Portfolio management and optimization

Learn personalized portfolio management techniques that align with individual financial goals and leverage AI algorithms to optimize investment portfolios for maximum returns.

Automatic Loan Underwriting

Credit Scoring

Gain expertise in the latest advancements in credit scoring to develop comprehensive credit scoring systems that offer a holistic view of borrower creditworthiness.

Neo banks

Acquire the skills to navigate neo banks and leverage technology to streamline loan applications, automate data analysis, and provide seamless digital lending experiences.

Risk Modelling

Master risk modeling techniques and accurately assess borrower risk to make informed decisions, optimize loan terms, and minimize default rates.


Leverage automated underwriting techniques and alternative data sources to efficiently assess creditworthiness and make accurate lending decisions.

Explainable AI

Gain insights into explainable AI methodologies to ensure that loan underwriting decisions are accurate, understandable, and justifiable to borrowers and regulatory authorities.

Chatbots and Robotic-Support Systems

Generative AI

Learn to create intelligent chatbots capable of generating human-like responses, providing personalized interactions, and understanding complex customer queries.

Natural Language Processing

Leverage NLP algorithms, sentiment analysis, and intent recognition to provide accurate and context-aware responses, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Enhance customer experience

Design conversational interfaces by leveraging chatbots that offer seamless customer support to increase customers' engagement and gain their loyalty.

Bring down support costs

Build intelligent systems that handle repetitive customer inquiries, automate support processes, and minimize human intervention to optimize cost savings with chatbots and robotic-support systems.

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